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Electronic Field Trips

Site-specific WWII explorations streamed right into your classroom

Join the Museum for award-winning interactive webcasts on compelling WWII topics. 

Electronic Field Trips are streamed directly into your classroom—no special technology required. Focusing on the national impact of World War II, take your students on a cross-country tour of historic sites while examining fascinating artifacts and exhibits at The National WWII Museum. Hosted by student reporters, Electronic Field Trips will help your students understand how the war affected young people just like them. 

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Join The National WWII Museum on an Electronic Field Trip to learn about the Holocaust through firsthand accounts and testimonies of child victims and survivors. Through this program, students will discover the broader context of the Holocaust by understanding how it happened and recognizing its tragic legacy.

Students participating in this program will have the opportunity to explore the newest Liberation Pavilion galleries at The National WWII Museum and artifacts from our collection, as well as Holocaust sites across the Atlantic. Entire classrooms can get involved with this live broadcast by submitting questions in real time to our educators and experts, and by participating in our live polls throughout the Electronic Field Trip to test your history knowledge along with other students.

Tune in this March as student reporters and Museum educators lead students on an emotional journey across the globe to critically examine these vital histories of the Holocaust and World War II.

Designed for grades 5–12.

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Check out the recordings of our past Electronic Field Trips below.

Past Programs—Watch on Demand Now!

Manufacturing Victory Electronic Field Trip

Join The National WWII Museum this spring to learn more about the inspiring story of the American Home Front effort that brought victory to the Allies and brought the country out of the Great Depression.

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Path to Pearl Harbor Electronic Field Trip

Join The National WWII Museum with student reporters from Hawaii and New Orleans to learn more about why on December 7, 1941, the Japanese military launched a surprise attack on the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

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Japanese American Experiences in WWII Electronic Field Trip

Take your classroom on a journey with student reporters based in California and Louisiana as they gather the stories of Japanese Americans who were forcibly removed from the West Coast after the United States’ entrance into World War II. 

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The Manhattan Project Electronic Field Trip

Student reporters examine the revolutionary science of nuclear energy and the race to produce an atomic weapon in complete secrecy. Perfect for students in grades 7–12.

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Guided by student reporters, classrooms around the world will embark on a virtual transatlantic adventure to discover the lessons and legacies of Operation Overlord, the code name for the massive Allied invasion of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. Perfect for students in grades 7–12. 

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In this interactive cross-country journey, your students in grades 6-12 will learn how the pursuit for both victory and equality shaped the story of World War II and transformed the United States for decades to come.  Winner of a Silver Telly Award for online educational programming.

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Remember Pearl Harbor - How Students Like You Experienced the Day of Infamy

On December 7, 2016—the 75th anniversary of the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor—The National WWII Museum and New Orleans PBS member station WYES hosted a student program that focused on the events of that momentous day.  Watch as student reporters explore historic locations and museums, including the USS Arizona Memorial, the Pacific Aviation Museum, the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, and The National WWII Museum. Winner of a Suncoast Regional Emmy for youth programming. 

We're All in this Together: How Students Like You Helped Win WWII

The WWII-era slogan—We're All In This Together!—included students just like yours on the Home Front. Tune in to WYES and The National WWII Museum's electronic field trip all about the lives of students during World War II. Follow student reporters as they explore the Museum, learn about rationing, grow a Victory garden, dance the jitterbug, and collect scrap for the war effort.


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