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September 2022

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    LA Locals 50% Discount

    09/01/2022 - 09/30/2022

    Throughout September 2022, Louisiana residents can visit our immersive galleries for 50% off, so now is the perfect time to see what's been added since you've last been—or to discover this world-renowned institution for the first time.

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  • Masters of the Air (September 22 to 29, 2022)

    09/22/2022 - 09/29/2022 | 12:00 AM

    Masters of the Air is a story of life in wartime England, in bombed-out London, and in the tiny hamlets these brash young Americans completely transformed. In East Anglia, many airmen fell in love with British girls they met in the local pubs, and over 45,000 American servicemen brought home English brides after the war. The beautiful countryside and stately manor homes give way to the remains of air bases, some of them with their control towers still visible on the skyline.

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  • Easy Company Tour: England to the Eagle's Nest (September 23 - October 5, 2022)

    09/23/2022 - 10/05/2022 | 12:00 AM

    In 1992, Museum founder and award-winning author Stephen E. Ambrose published the New York Times bestseller Band of Brothers — which became not only a successful HBO miniseries, but also a cultural phenomenon that continues today. Join staff from America's official WWII museum and notable historians for the real-life epic journey across Europe. This exclusive travel opportunity includes tour stops and special guests not featured anywhere else.

October 2022


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