Artifacts and veterans at The National WWII Museum

$10 For Them

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Since 2010, the Museum has welcomed more than 13,000 WWII veterans to its campus, free of charge, as part of the $10 for Them campaign. Thanks to our tremendously generous donors and friends, we have received enough money to fully fund the campaign—WWII veterans will always receive free admission to America’s National WWII Museum, which honors their dedication and sacrifice during the war that changed the world.

We are continuing the campaign, however, with a new mission: to fund the resources needed to continue telling and preserving the WWII generation’s stories forever. Each day, 294 WWII veterans—their memories, their stories—pass away. We want to make sure their sacrifices and efforts are remembered, however help is needed to capture and preserve their stories for future generations. The Museum’s collections now include more than 9,400 personal accounts from WWII veterans, and it is imperative to our mission to continue gathering these stories while we still have veterans alive to share them. 

So please, help us honor them and give $10 today so we can keep their stories alive.

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