The attack on Pearl Harbor

Distance Learning

Learn With Us Wherever You Are

The National WWII Museum engages with learners from all across the world through a variety of online and distance learning programs to connect audiences with WWII history and honor the generation who sacrificed so much to secure our freedom. Programs include a broad range of online learning experiences and topics, allowing students, educators, and other professionals to learn significant WWII stories including Pearl Harbor, the Home Front, and D-Day without having to leave your home or classroom.

Whether you’re a current student seeking graduate credit, a lifelong learner looking to enhance your knowledge about the war, or a teacher exploring interactive virtual connections for your classroom, the Museum is your singular destination for WWII expert resources and captivating content.

K-12 Distance Learning

Take a virtual journey from your classroom to explore important stories, historic sites, and powerful primary sources live with Museum educators. Connect for interactive lessons, virtual or electronic field trips, and webinars, or access on demand the archive of our past programs.

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Online Teacher Professional Development

Explore the history and lessons of World War II virtually with no special technology needed! Teachers can gain access to live and interactive programs and share with students right in their own classrooms.

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Online Master's in World War II Studies

Through a partnered effort to offer learners the opportunity to discover new insights into the most significant event of the 20th century, The National WWII Museum and Arizona State University now offer an online World War II Studies master’s degree program. Learn how you can start your journey into the history and lessons of the war that changed the world.

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Continuing Education

The National WWII Museum and Arizona State University have partnered to offer a new way to study the war that changed the world—online noncredit courses designed to give history enthusiasts a rare opportunity to engage and interact with leading experts on an array of WWII topics.

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