Half-day Itinerary

In a bit of a time crunch? You can still have an amazing experience and get the best of the Museum with this streamlined, customizable itinerary.

Battle of the Bulge Gallery, Road to Berlin

Get your ticket and head to the L.W. “Pete” Kent Train Car Experience in Louisiana Memorial Pavilion to begin your Museum visit. Register your Dog Tag either on board the train car or at the kiosk after exiting to follow your WWII servicemember’s story at kiosks throughout your Museum experience and online after your visit.

Journey across the Horatio Alger Association American Spirit Bridge to the immersive Richard C. Adkerson & Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Road to Tokyo: Pacific Theater Galleries and The Duchossois Family Road to Berlin: European Theater Galleries in the state-of-the-art Campaigns of Courage pavilion. These galleries take you through the entire timeline of the war and lead you to our newest exhibition hall, Liberation Pavilion, exploring the end of World War II, the Holocaust, the postwar years, and how the war continues to impact our lives today.

As you leave Liberation Pavilion, you’ll emerge on the top floor of US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center, the stunning home of six restored WWII planes.

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