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Battle of Bataan

After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, they invaded Luzon, Philippines in January 1942. Despite insufficient supplies, American and Filipino troops were able to fight for three months. Eventually, they surrendered to Japanese troops and were forced into the Bataan Death March—where some of the most horrific war crimes were committed by the Japanese. 

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    Call for Action and Liberation in the Philippines

    As General Douglas MacArthur’s campaign on Luzon was underway, news of the Palawan massacre produced a call to action to save thousands of Allied POWs and civilian internees from a similar fate. With the extraordinary assistance of Filipino guerrillas, four daring raids were launched behind Japanese lines to liberate those camps.

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    The Potsdam Conference

    The Big three met at Potsdam, Germany, in the summer of 1945 to discuss the fate of the world after World War II.

Medal of Honor Recipients of World War II

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