America Responds

The Arsenal of Democracy

After the United States entered World War II, the American people responded with rapid and tremendous efforts to mobilize the Home Front for war. Enlistments in the military soared, as approximately 16 million Americans eventually served in uniform during the war. America Responds captures the mood of this pivotal moment of determination and unity in the context of a typical American town: a theater marquis plays patriotic advertisements and clips of propaganda movies; a reproduced newsstand recalls a coordinated show of patriotism in July 1942, when dozens of US magazines published, simultaneously, the American flag on their front covers; and a local recruitment office urges citizens to enlist. The America Responds gallery conveys how the onset of World War II unified the nation, as American media joined the US government in publishing iconic WWII propaganda posters, publications, movies, and newsreels, and every home could contribute to victory through rationing, scrap-metal drives, and bond drives.

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