Train car platform with people at the National WWII Museum

L.W. "Pete" Kent Train Car Experience

All aboard to begin your WWII journey

Located in The National WWII Museum’s Louisiana Memorial Pavilion, a re-created 1940s train station is the perfect introduction to the Museum experience, inviting guests to follow in the footsteps of new recruits on their way to war.

Beneath the click of changing schedules on a period timetable, the train platform is also the starting point of Dog Tag Experience, an interactive Museum experience that uses digitally enabled "dog tag" IDs to connect each visitor with an individual narrative of the war. Users visit Dog Tag kiosks as they wait for their train to board, selecting a servicemember or civilian to follow through the war. Additional kiosks throughout the Campaigns of Courage pavilion provide recurring connections with the individual's story that carry through the Museum visit.

In honor of Leroy Wayne "Pete" Kent

Made possible through a gift from The Bobby and Lori Kent Savoie Family

Additional support from Union Pacific Foundation