Artists rendering of the Liberation Pavilion at the National WWII Museum

Liberation Pavilion

Coming 2023

Following their immersive journey through the war, visitors to The National WWII Museum will enter the Liberation Pavilion. Three building levels will explore the closing months of the war and immediate postwar years, concluding with an explanation of links to our lives today. The first floor, Liberation, will provide visitors with opportunities to contemplate the joys, costs, and meaning of liberation and freedom. The second and third levels will focus on what the war means today, with exhibits developed through the lens of democracy and freedom.

The second floor of the Liberation Pavilion will present richly layered, interactive experiences that explore the postwar years: how the world—and America's place in it—changed after World War II. Dramatic and thought-provoking exhibits will explore selected themes from the postwar era, ranging from the readjustments faced by returning military service members to international tribunals seeking justice for war crimes. We will trace the war's lasting legacies at home and around the world, as America's elevated role as a world power and freedoms secured by Allied forces are continually tested—even to the present day.

Capital Campaign

Road to Victory Capital Campaign

The National WWII Museum's capital expansion is made possible by a $400 million capital campaign: The Road to Victory: A Vision for Future Generations. This major project funds bricks and mortar, exhibit design and fabrication, endowment, and digitization of our collections. To date, we have raised $335.6 million towards our goal through private and public funds.

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