Season 2
World War II On Topic

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Featured Historians


Jeremy Collins

As a student pursuing his history degree at the University of Missouri, Jeremy joined The National WWII Museum in 2001 as an intern with the Collections & Exhibits Department. There, he immersed himself in the artifacts and stories that made up the Museum’s collection. He was involved with many of the Museum’s special exhibitions and co-curated the special exhibition When Baseball Went to War. In 2008, he moved to the Travel & Conference Department, and was involved with most aspects of the travel program, including tour design, development, and content. This saw him scout, lead, or manage tours all over the world including the Philippines, the Mediterranean, England, and Northwest Europe. Jeremy also oversees the creation, planning, marketing, and execution of many of the Museum marquee public programs, including book launches, distinguished lectures, symposia, and the Museum’s annual International Conference on World War II. As a member of The Institute for the Study of War and Democracy, Jeremy provides public programming of the highest caliber to the Museum’s audience, both physical and digital.

Contributing Producer

Rob Citino, PhD

Robert Citino, PhD, is the Samuel Zemurray Stone Senior Historian in the Institute for the Study of War and Democracy. Dr. Citino is an award-winning military historian and scholar who has published ten books including The Wehrmacht Retreats: Fighting a Lost War, 1943, Death of the Wehrmacht: The German Campaigns of 1942, and The German Way of War: From the Thirty Years' War to the Third Reich, as well as numerous articles covering World War II and twentieth-century military history. He speaks widely and contributes regularly to general readership magazines such as World War II. Dr. Citino enjoys close ties with the US military establishment and taught one year at the US Military Academy at West Point and two years at the US Army War College.



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