Making Masters of the Air

A Podcast by The National WWII Museum

Podcast Overview

From the executive producers of Band of Brothers and The Pacific comes Masters of the Air, a new series from Apple TV+ following the airmen of the 100th Bombardment Group during World War II. Join The National WWII Museum for the Making Masters of the Air podcast presented by Boeing to dive deeper into the making of Masters of the Air and explore the history behind the series. Hear from special guests from the series as you get to know the American bomber crews who risked it all fighting the air war over Europe and forged a brotherhood through courage, loss, and triumph. The Making Masters of the Air podcast is co-hosted by Playtone’s Kirk Saduski and Donald Miller, author of the book Masters of the Air

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About the Co-Hosts


Donald Miller, PhD

Best-selling author and historian Donald Miller, PhD, is well known to friends and members of The National WWII Museum for his works such as Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany; D-Days in the Pacific; and The Story of World War II.


Kirk Saduski

Playtone executive and producer Kirk Saduski was the executive-in-charge for HBO’s Band of Brothers, co-producer of HBO’s The Pacific, and co-producer of Apple TV+’s Masters of the Air.


Making Masters of the Air is presented by the Boeing Company.