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US Freedom Pavilion

The Boeing Center

NOTE: Due to construction, the tanks normally housed in US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center are temporarily not on display. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

In World War II—the war that changed the world—freedom hung in the balance. Americans answered the call to protect that freedom with 16 million men and women serving in uniform and an untold number of citizens of all ages doing their part on the Home Front. In US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center, we honor their contributions.

Exhibits and interactive experiences paint the picture of a nation mobilized for war—those who answered the call of service and those who supported our fighting forces by producing planes, ships, tanks, and other vital machinery in unprecedented numbers.

This is the story of America at war—on land, in the air, and at sea—told in a way that will fully engage the senses, the mind, and the heart.

The Resolve to Remember: Aircraft Return to Flight

Witness the assembly and hanging of six WWII-era aircraft, all in under six minutes at The National WWII Museum's US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center. You will see a North American B-25 Mitchell, a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, a General Motors TBM Avenger, a Chance Vought F4U Corsair, a Douglas SBD Dauntless and a North American Aviation P-51 Mustang.

  • Warbirds

    From the assembly lines of the Home Front to the skies over Germany and Japan, US-made aircraft symbolized the might of the American people working together for victory. US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center displays a number of these iconic planes restored to their wartime glory.


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  • Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience

    Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience places visitors aboard the most successful submarine in World War II for its fifth and final war patrol on October 25, 1944. Guests relive the last epic battle of the USS Tang and feel a deeper appreciation for the bravery and sacrifice of those who served in the intense, confined world of underwater warfare.

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  • Vehicles of War

    From the iconic Jeep to the ubiquitous Sherman, Allied forces depended upon the vehicles that American assembly lines produced. The Vehicles of War exhibit focuses on the equipment that was an integral part of daily life in World War II—often making the difference between life and death for the troops they served.

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  • Laborde Services Gallery

    This gallery, located on the second floor of US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center, pays homage to the 16 million men and women who served in the US Armed Forces in World War II.

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  • What Would You Do?

    Designed for up to 36 visitors at a time to participate, What Would You Do? presents difficult decisions faced by real people during World War II.

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  • The Boeing Story

    During World War II, Boeing and its partners worked together to produce a staggering 98,965 aircraft, including the famed B-17 Flying Fortress. Today, The Boeing Company shares The National WWII Museum’s commitment to preserve and honor the legacy of service, sacrifice, and leadership of WWII generation.

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