Hall of Democracy

At The National WWII Museum

As The National WWII Museum continues to expand its educational mission to share the complete story of the American experience in World War II with learners across the globe, the institution recently marked a major milestone with the grand opening of its newest pavilion: Hall of Democracy. This pavilion represents more than simply inching closer toward completing the Museum’s physical campus. The Hall of Democracy represents an exciting new chapter in which the Museum expands beyond brick and mortar to ensure the legacies of World War II reach communities across the country, and continue to have a meaningful impact.

The Hall of Democracy helps to ensure future growth of the Museum and transformative opportunities to broaden its educational mission through new programming, scholarly research, special exhibits, distance learning, digital initiatives, and preservation efforts. The pavilion demonstrates the Museum’s commitment to carrying the legacies of World War II into present day, and exploring the joys and costs of victory, the horrors of the Holocaust, and the war’s continuing effects on our nation.

Private Event Rentals

Want to Rent This Space?

Campaigns of Courage is available to rent by the hour and access can be limited to one of the two exhibitions by floor. The Campaigns atrium is also available for rental. For more information, call 504-528-1944 x 236 or email rentals@nationalww2museum.org.

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