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Campaigns of Courage

European and Pacific Theaters

In a war where the terrain was as deadly as the enemy, this pavilion tells the story of American servicemembers abroad—and how they overcame unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts to win victory in World War II. In over 19,000 square feet of exhibit space, two extraordinary exhibitions bring visitors inside the epic story of the war in its most infamous settings, bringing to life jungles, beaches, mountains, and oceans in 19 immersive galleries. Following in the footsteps of the men and women who served, Campaigns offers visitors a view of the European and Pacific Theaters through the perspective of those who fought in them.

Inside the Campaigns of Courage pavilion, the sister exhibitions The Duchossois Family Road to Berlin: European Theater Galleries and Richard C. Adkerson & Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Road to Tokyo: Pacific Theater Galleries address the heart of the Museum’s mission, telling the story of how the war was won. Their foundation is the Museum’s extensive collection of personal stories, which instill the narrative with thorough context to explore how the US troops and their Allies secured victory in the 20th century’s titanic struggle—a fight for civilization itself.

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    Road to Tokyo

    Road to Tokyo: Pacific Theater Galleries retraces the grueling trail that led from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay by way of New Guinea and Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, Burma, the islands of the Pacific, China, India, and Alaska.

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    Road to Berlin

    Road to Berlin brings to life the drama, sacrifices, personal stories, and strategies of America’s campaign to defeat the Axis powers and preserve freedom.

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Campaigns of Courage is available to rent by the hour and access can be limited to one of the two exhibitions by floor. The Campaigns atrium is also available for rental. For more information, call 504-528-1944 x 236 or email

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