Volunteer Hall of Fame

The Volunteer Hall of Fame honors those individuals who have reached 5000 hours of service or more. These valued team members have worn many hats. They have greeted our guests, happily answered questions, explained the value of Museum Membership, helped restore our macro-artifacts including PT-305, assisted our Collections staff, and relayed the direct experience of World War II with thousands of schoolchildren on docent tours.

Al Mipro

Bert Stolier

Bill Cassady

Brian Salathe

Bruce Bannon

Don Darce

Don Summers

Gaston Andre

Grace Hogan

Jim Buchler

Jim Weller

John Rice

Joyce Dunn

Libby Smith

Louis Lanaux (far right)

Mae Kerlec

Paul Melancon

Ray Asprion

Richard Warren

Roland "Tiger" Hymel

Ronnie Abboud

Tom Blakey

Thomas Blakey

Tommy Godchaux