Executive Team

Stephen Watson

Stephen Watson, President & Chief Executive Officer

Becky Mackie, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Bob Farnsworth, Senior Vice President of Capital Programs

Minette Bruce, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jason Caniglia, Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Pete Crean, Vice President of Education and Access

Jonah Langenbeck, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle Bell, Associate Vice President, Travel & Conference

Gemma Birnbaum, Director of WWII Media and Education Center

Rob Citino, PhD, Samuel Zemurray Stone Senior Historian

Karen Craig, Associate Vice President of Finance

Trish Eubanks, Associate Vice President for Corporate Alliances

Owen Glendening, Associate Vice President of Education & Access

Melisse Meza, Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Paul Parrie, Associate Vice President of Operations

James B. Williams, Associate Vice President of Group and Event Sales


Gordon “Nick” Mueller, PhD, President & CEO Emeritus

Gordon H. “Nick Mueller, PhD, former historian and Vice Chancellor at the University of New Orleans, served as Founding President and CEO of the National WWII Museum.

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