Victory Corps Volunteer Spotlight: Julia

Julia engages with The National WWII Museum well beyond her Saturday commitment with the Victory Corps.

Julia has enjoyed a nearly life-long interest and involvement with The National WWII Museum. She first learned about what the Museum has to offer youth audiences when visiting with her Girl Scout troop for the annual Girl Scout Day. A few years later she was reminded of her interest in the Museum when her teacher—an adult volunteer at the Museum—told her she should join the Victory Corps. Julia still had to patiently wait two more years until she reached eighth grade, the minimum grade level to participate in the teen volunteer program. Over the past four years she has spent every other Saturday (and some Sundays) working with the Museum. Julia’s favorite part of volunteering “…is being able to learn about World War II through teaching others about it. I love being a part of guests' visits to one of the best museums in the country that completely immerses them in an education experience.”

Julia with rapper Dee-1 and Dr. Sharron Squassoni of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.


Julia engages with The National WWII Museum well beyond her regular commitment with the Victory Corps. Thanks to her passion for learning and teaching, she was selected as one of four student reporters to present the Manhattan Project Electronic Field Trip (EFT). EFTs are virtual learning experiences about various WWII historical events developed by the Distance Learning Team at the Museum. Through her experience, Julia was introduced to local rapper Dee-1 and nuclear scientist Dr. Sharron Squassoni. However, the EFT was not the only time Julia got to meet new people. She was also selected as a scholarship recipient for the Normandy Academy, an academic summer travel program offered by the Museum. Julia, along with several other students from across the United States, traveled to Normandy, France. While there, she visited historic sites and museums covering important WWII topics. These experiences define who Julia is at her core: “Valuing education and being dedicated to learning is such an important part of who I am.”

Julia in Normandy, France with other Normandy Academy students.


Like many of her colleagues in Victory Corps, Julia maintains an active life outside of the Museum. She is responsible for leadership roles in school, participates in academic competitions, and has several extra-curricular activities. She is a member of National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Girl Up, and Bookmarked. She is also a talented musician. She plays piano at home and participates in Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology’s band program as a saxophonist. Julia continues to hone her leadership skills as the Drum Major and Band President.

Julia is an active pianist and saxophonist.


As a rising senior, Julia has already started to think about her future. She has a deep passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects. In addition, NASA recently selected her for the Scientist for a Day contest. These experiences, along with her summers spent at Space Camp at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, have inspired Julia to pursue a career in aerospace engineering. Keep an eye out for Julia on the International Space Station, as she is sure to be a great astronaut one day!

Julia at Space Camp.


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Baylie Stillwell Albus

Baylie Stillwell Albus is the former Youth & Family Programs Specialist at The National WWII Museum. She worked closely with her Public Engagement colleagues to cultivate partnerships with community organizations in the Greater New Orleans area and provided robust programming for youth and family audiences. Baylie holds a B.A. in Music Education from Southeastern Louisiana University and a M.S. in Arts Management with a Certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Oregon.

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