Collection to Classroom Teacher Training

Professional Development



The National WWII Museum’s Collection to Classroom workshops (previously named Summer Teacher Seminars) are immersive teacher professional development programs held on site at the Museum every summer. Two workshops are offered every year on different themes related to the history of World War II. Designed for middle and high school humanities teachers, each workshop will give participants access to noted WWII scholars, as well as hands-on experiences, Museum curriculum, and virtual resources they can use in their classrooms. Participants who complete this program will become part of the Museum’s nationwide network of Master Educators dedicated to improving the quality of instruction on World War II.

There is no cost for teachers to participate in these workshops. Participants will receive free lodging, paid travel, workshop materials, and most meals free of charge.

Program Requirements

Teachers who successfully complete the Collection to Classroom program requirements will earn the designation of a Master Educator for The National WWII Museum. As Master Educators, alumni of the Collection to Classroom program will be recognized as experts in World War II education by the Museum. In order to be certified as a Master Educator for the Museum, teachers must complete the Collection to Classroom program requirements outlined below:

  • Complete the pre-workshop online course including attending a Zoom meeting with the workshop cohort and Museum staff;
  • Attend and actively engage in the weeklong workshop held on site at the Museum;
  • Participate in a Zoom meeting with the workshop cohort and Museum staff six months following completion of summer program;
  • Design and facilitate your own professional development workshop based on Museum curriculum and resources to thirty other teachers during the 2023-2024 school year;
  • Submit a professional development workshop plan and proof of workshop facilitation via the online course.

2023 Seminar Topics:

Voices from the European Theater: Teaching the Untold Stories of World War II

Dates: July 9 to July 15

During Voices from the European Theater, educators will receive an in-depth, weeklong workshop on the diverse stories from World War II in Europe. Altogether, 16.1 million US military personnel served in World War II across all theaters. Out of this number, about 2 million Americans served in the European Theater including 7,600 Women’s Army Corps members. These numbers and the individual stories behind them can be difficult for students to fully understand. Within the War in Europe, there are millions of stories, some well-known, others too often passed over, that can help students deepen their understanding of the impact and legacy of World War II. With a special focus on the Museum’s oral history collections, this workshop will highlight the many stories included in the Museum’s resources and curriculum. Learning from historians, educators, and museum staff, teachers will gain a better understanding of World War II in the European theater and the best strategies to use Museum resources to teach about World War II.

Apply for the Voices from the European Theater workshop here.

The Home Front, Entertainment, and World War II: Hollywood Goes to War

Dates: July 23 to July 29

Hollywood Goes to War will provide teachers with an in-depth, weeklong workshop on the role Hollywood played in the US war effort including producing military training, propaganda, entertainment, and public-service films. Walt Disney alone devoted over 90% of its wartime output to creating media and materials related to the war including over 1,200 unit insignia. With a special focus on the Museum’s curriculum volume, The Home Front, and the special exhibition, The Walt Disney Studios and WWII, this workshop will examine the broader historical context of this media as well as the skills students need to critically analyze different forms of primary sources. Learning from historians, educators, and museum staff, teachers will gain effective teaching strategies to help students better understand the US home front, analyze World War II propaganda and entertainment, and evaluate primary sources.

Apply for the Hollywood Goes to War workshop here. 


Applications for this program include information on teaching experience, two short written statements, and two letters of recommendation. All applications received within the submission window will receive fair assessment. Each workshop will have a diverse cohort of 30 teachers from across the nation. The application period opens on December 5, 2022 and closes on February 13, 2023. When applications open, you can access applications for both Collection to Classroom workshops here.

Application deadline EXTENDED through March 13th!

Important Dates

  • December 5, 2022: Application period opens
  • March 13, 2023: Application period closes
  • March 20, 2023: Participants selected and notified
  • April 10, 2023: Deadline for accepting and submitting required forms
  • July 9 to July 15, 2023: Voices from the European Theater Workshop
  • July 23 to July 29, 2023: Home Front Workshop



Who can apply to these workshops?

The Collection to Classroom workshops are open to any teachers at an accredited public, charter, private, or parochial school who have at least two years of teaching experience and who will be teaching during the 2022-2023 school year. Teachers of subjects other than social studies may apply, but should explain in their application how they plan to incorporate WWII themes into their curriculum. Media specialists, librarians, curriculum coordinators, and academic coaches are also eligible provided they spend at least half of their time providing direct instruction to students. Thirty participants will be selected per workshop.

What lodging will be provided during the workshop?

Lodging will be provided at the Higgins Hotel, the official hotel of The National WWII Museum and located conveniently directly across the street from the Museum. Listed as one of the best hotels for 2022 by the U.S. News and World Report, the Higgins offers era-inspired guest rooms, a full-service restaurant, and a rooftop bar.

Will I be assigned a roommate?

Yes, each workshop participant will share a double room at the Higgins Hotel with an assigned roommate. Double rooms at the Higgins are spacious with two queen beds for your comfort.

What food will be provided during the workshop?

Food provided during the workshop will include breakfast at the hotel each day, lunch at the Museum each day, snacks throughout each day, and an opening dinner at the Museum the first night. Participants will be responsible for meals and food outside of what is provided.

Can I apply for the workshop past the application deadline?

No, the Museum will not accept applications past the posted deadline. We regularly receive a high number of applications within the application window and therefore, we will not accept late applications.

Have questions about the Collection to Classroom workshops? Please contact Teacher Programs and Curriculum Specialist, Isabel Mann, at