View from a boat as American boats and soldiers storm the shores on D-Day.

"Everything We Have"
D‑DAY 6 . 6 . 44

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The National WWII Museum’s Gordon H. “Nick” Mueller Releases Commemorative Book for the 75th Anniversary of D‑Day

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“Everything We Have” D-Day 6.6.44

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Harold Baumgarten, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division.

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Private Harold Baumgarten wore this watch when he landed in the 1st assault wave with the 116th Infantry Regiment. Baumgarten watched German fire decimate his unit in the opening moments of the landing and suffered multiple wounds himself before being evacuated.

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LCIs (Landing Craft Infantry) flying barrage balloons as protection against low-flying German aircraft, move towards the Normandy coastline on D-Day.

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Army and navy personnel await orders during maneuvers in England prior to D-Day. Navy demolitions experts aided army personnel in clearing obstacles on the beaches.

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Troops disembark from LCM-83 on June 6, 1944.

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Troops unloading on Utah Beach, D-Day.

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