James Linn

james linn

A New Orleans native, James Linn first became involved with the institution then known as The National D-Day Museum in 2001 as an eighth-grade volunteer on weekends and during the summer. Linn attended the University of New Orleans, earning his B.A. in history in 2011 and an M.A. in public history in 2016. His master’s thesis, Supplying the Asia-Pacific Theater: United States Logistics and the American Merchant Marine in World War II discusses the movement of men, ships, and material across the Pacific during World War II. Linn joined The National WWII Museum staff in 2014 and served as a curator until 2020. In addition to leading tours at the Museum in New Orleans and abroad, and working on the Museum’s permanent exhibits, Linn also curated the Museum’s special exhibit: The Pelican State Goes to War: Louisiana in World War II.

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