How to Register for Operation Footlocker

How to Register:

  1. Click the REGISTER button below
  2. Click "Start now" to begin your reservation
  3. ALL reservations will need to complete the mandatory credit card information page. This will NOT charge your card for your reservation. After your Footlocker has been returned to the Museum and assessed, if any artifacts are missing or badly damaged, we reserve the right to charge your card for repair or replacement costs.
  4. Once you submit your credit card information, the booking calendar will populate
  5. Select either 1 Week Shipped trunk rental or 1 Week Pick-Up Trunk rental
  6. Next, you will make your trunk selection under the "Select staff" dropdown menu. You can select the theme for your trunk (if applicable) and will see the corresponding trunk identification name. To the right of the trunk name, you will see if there is reservation availability. Once you have selected your trunk, select the Monday date that you would like to have it in your classroom by. Your reservation is for a full week of use in your class, and the trunk will be available for picking up OR shipped to you the week prior to your Monday reservation!
  7. If you don't see the date you want, the trunk may not be available then. Available dates are shown in black, against the grey calendar dates. You can choose a different date for your trunk, OR select a different trunk to check availability on the date you are interested in.
  8. Complete the reservation details and click "book" to confirm your trunk.
  9. You will receive a confirmation email from us shortly!

If you have any questions on registering for a trunk, please contact us directly