Replica Brick, Paver, or Tile

Thank you for your Road to Victory Brick Campaign purchase! We are honored to include your tribute's name among the more than 55,000 that line our campus. You can rest assured that your brick has a permanent place of honor here at the Museum.

Thousands of people see your tribute's name every day, and we hope you'll one day have a chance to see your brick in person as well. However, we understand that many will never have the opportunity to see their family name among the thousands of veterans and Home Front workers remembered at the Museum. That's why we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to bring your personal tribute into your home or office to share with family and friends.

Please Note: In order to purchase a Tribute gift, you must have already ordered a Road to Victory Brick or Paver.


Price: $150.00

We can engrave a replica of your paver or brick that you can display in your home, office, or garden. It can also be a remarkable gift for family members or your honoree.

Three different replica options represent bricks and pavers installed here at the Museum.

Replicas include:
8” x 4” Classic Red Brick • 8” x 4” Gray Paver • 8” x 8” Ceramic Tile

Each is a representation of the engraved text on your brick or paver.

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