Student Webinar: "Liberty" and the Home Front Through Historical Fiction

Distance Learning Specialist Shelbie Johnson and Newbery Honor-winning author Kirby Larson explore the history behind her new novel Liberty, which chronicles the story of two friends who rescue a stray dog in WWII-era New Orleans.

Fish, a young aspiring inventor with a dad fighting overseas, develops a friendship across racial lines with his neighbor Olympia. They name their new rescue Liberty, and along the way Fish encounters important lessons about race and war from friends, neighbors, and even famed boat builder Andrew Higgins. Uncover the history that inspired these compelling passages so your students can understand wartime experiences of not just young Louisianans, but all Americans. Perfect for grades 3 through 7. Viewers can purchase copies of Liberty from the Museum Store for a 20% discount: Use the code WEBINAR on the checkout screen.