Megastructures: Forced Labor and Massive Works in the Third Reich

Join Dr. Alexandra Richie on a poignant tour of Poland to discover the remnants of the vast construction projects initiated by the Third Reich and hear the stories of those who were forced to build them.


This 12-day tour is named Megastructures after many of the large complexes built under the Third Reich like Peenemünde, the Politz Synthetic Oil Factory, and numerous gun batteries and bunkers. As we tour, we will pause to learn of the prisoners at the Neuengamme Concentration Camp near Hamburg who, at first, manufactured construction materials, then transitioned into the main force that cleared the city’s rubble and bodies after the devastating bombing raids of 1943. In Prora, explore the Nazi’s “Strength through Joy” initiative while visiting the three-mile-long resort that was never completed. Near the city of Walcz, Polish and Soviet forces waged a furious battle against the Germans along some of the largest fortifications in Europe, known as the Pomeranian Wall. End in Warsaw and experience an all-new itinerary with visits to Pawiak Prison, the Katyn Museum, and Treblinka.

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