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The National WWII Museum Commemorates 60th Anniversary of American Memorial Chapel of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

NEW ORLEANS (March 19, 2018)  – In partnership with St. Paul’s Cathedral Trust in America, The National WWII Museum is proud to present a once-in-a-lifetime performance of the Boy Choristers of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the American Memorial Chapel at St. Paul’s. Spanning over nine centuries of history, the Choristers are established as one of the major forces in British cathedral music.

In the 1950s, as WWII damage to the Cathedral was being repaired, the American Memorial Chapel was created as a way to commemorate Americans stationed in the United Kingdom during World War II. During this time, St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir first journeyed to the United States to share the unique sound of the English choral tradition with the American people. The 41-concert tour covered 8,500 miles and included a special performance at the White House, celebrating the unity of service, sacrifice and purpose experienced between the United States and Britain during World War II.

It is in that same spirit that the 23 Boy Choristers of St. Paul’s Cathedral will cross the Atlantic once again to share their music with the American people in an eight-city national tour, highlighted by a free public performance at The National WWII Museum.

“In this 60th anniversary year of the American Memorial Chapel, this tour is an opportunity to commemorate the bond that St Paul’s shares with the American people, while also sharing our musical tradition with new audiences 65 years after the Choir’s first tour to the United States,” said Andrew Carwood, St. Paul’s Director of Music. “In addition to New Orleans, we will be performing in many of the same cities, including Cincinnati, Memphis, Chicago and the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York, the location of the 1953 tour opening concert.

The National WWII Museum’s performance program will include remarks from the Dean of St. Paul’s, and feature a talk by Peter Chapman, a former Boy Chorister who participated in the 1953 tour. Chapman, who is the author of “A History of St Paul’s Cathedral and the American People,” will examine the WWII history of the American Memorial Chapel and the shared history between the Cathedral and the United States.

Following Chapman’s talk, the Choristers, directed by Andrew Carwood and accompanied by Simon Johnson, will sing a diverse program featuring music from England, France and Germany, including selections from the original tour. Surrounded by artifacts from the very conflict that inspired the Choir’s first American tour and the development of the American Memorial Chapel, and taking full advantage of the multi-media elements in the Museum’s US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center, the performance will be a powerful opportunity for deep reflection on faith and the common experience of sacrifice, service and hope that united us with our allies during and following World War II.

This presentation of the Faith in Wartime Series is made possible by Baptist Community Ministries. The appearance of the Boy Choristers of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, is supported by a grant from the New Orleans Theatre Association (NOTA).

Boy Choristers of St. Paul’s Cathedral London

Monday, April 16, 2018
6:30 p.m.

Event is free to the public. To register, visit

The National WWII Museum
US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center

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