Press Release

The National WWII Museum Announces 2017 Winston S. Churchill Symposium

On March 18, The National WWII Museum and The Churchill Society of New Orleans will bring scholars from across the globe to the Museum in New Orleans to give insights and lectures on the life and work of Winston Churchill. The 2017 Winston S. Churchill Symposium will feature a day of enriching discussion and discovery, all focused on one of the most important figures in modern history.

This year’s Symposium will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore wartime leadership and diplomacy with the world’s most esteemed historians leading the conversation, including Professor Lord Paul Bew on “Churchill & Ireland;” Jonathan Schneer, PhD, on “Churchill and his War Cabinet;” Sir John Dermot Turing providing personal insight into his uncle Sir Alan Turing—the man who helped crack the Nazi’s Enigma code; and The New York Times best-seller Lynne Olsen, who will speak on her upcoming book “Last Hope Island.” There will also be a special musical performance by the Museum’s own Victory Belles.

A well-attended Museum event since 2011, the Winston S. Churchill Symposium is a daylong program that draws people from around the country to learn about the man who was voted “The Greatest Briton of the 20th Century.” While World War II is the Museum’s primary focus, Churchill’s long and illustrious life and career allow for each year’s program to span beyond the war years, either by highlighting his formidable younger years or by discussing the influence he had in the postwar era.

The Symposium concludes with a panel discussion led by J. Gregg Collins, President of The Churchill Society of New Orleans, and featuring all of the day’s speakers. Following the Symposium is an optional Speakers’ Dinner beginning at 6:00 p.m., which includes a three-course meal where each table will be headed by a featured scholar.

The cost for the 2017 Winston S. Churchill Symposium is $199 and the optional Speakers’ Dinner ticket is $139. Museum Members receive discount pricing – $169 for the Symposium and $99 for Dinner. For more information and registration, visit call 504-528-1944 x 511.

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