The Boy Choristers of St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Watch a replay of a once-in-a-lifetime musical event. 

Hundreds of visitors filled US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center to capacity on April 16 for a performance by the Boy Choristers of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the American Memorial Chapel, a space rebuilt at the Cathedral after being destroyed during World War II in order to honor fallen WWII American servicemembers, the Boy Choristers are currently touring the United States. 

A choir from St. Paul’s Cathedral has not performed in America since a 41-concert tour in 1953. A lecture examining the WWII history of the American Memorial Chapel, as well as the important role of faith during and after the war, opened the evening. The speaker was Peter Chapman, a Chorister on the 1953 tour and author of A History of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the American People.

The presentation of the Faith in Wartime Series was made possible by Baptist Community Ministries. The appearance of St. Paul’s Cathedral Choristers was supported by a grant from the New Orleans Theatre Association (NOTA).

The Boy Choristers were under the direction of Andrew Carwood. Simon Johnson performed as organist. Watch the complete presentation here: