Summer Service Hour Volunteer Program for Rising Juniors and Seniors

High School Summer Service Hour Program Application

High school volunteers will have the following opportunities:

•    Learn strategic board gaming with WWII-themed games.
•    Become a Counselor-in-Training Volunteer who will work with children ages 4–10 at summer camps.
•    Train on our Hands-on History table where volunteers show guests reproductions of gear that would have been used during World War II.
•    Watch movies based on World War II and participate in discussion afterwards. (No movie above a PG-13 rating will be shown.)
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How did you hear about the volunteer opportunity?

I understand that as a volunteer, I will not receive any remuneration for my services.

Student applicants must be 16 years of age and/or currently enrolled in 10th grade, due to the large amount of applicants requesting the opportunity to fulfill community service hour requirements.

For additional question or comments about this form, please call Director of Volunteer Services Katie Alpert at 504-528-1944 x 243, or e-mail