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Take a moment to reflect on your personal connection to World War II. Maybe your father or grandfather served in the Pacific or fought across the plains of Europe. Or perhaps your mother or grandmother supported the war effort by powering the “arsenal of democracy” here at home. Whatever their involvement, it deserves recognition.

What have you done to honor their contribution to the most important victory in all of human history?

As a Member of The National WWII Museum, you can permanently honor the service and sacrifice of your personal connection to World War II at the Museum built to honor the legacy of freedom secured by the courageous men and women of the Greatest Generation.

Through a Charter Membership or by joining the exclusive Patriots Circle, your name and the names of your loved ones who served on the battlefield or on the Home Front will be displayed on an interactive kiosk inside the Museum’s main pavilion, on display for thousands of visitors to see. Your listing will also be accessible on the Museum’s website.

Ensure your personal connection gets the recognition they earned. Become a Member today.

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