Volunteer Celebration

Museum volunteers gather to celebrate milestone birthdays. 

Visitors to The National WWII Museum often remark that encountering our volunteers is the highlight of their time on our campus. It's true: We're blessed with a stellar crew of ambassadors, all key members of the Museum family.

Museum volunteers gathered backstage recently to toast several of their own. The event, organized in our Volunteer Lounge, included cake, cards, and a birthday celebration for several honored guests: WWII veteran and volunteer Jerry Gervais (age 91), WWII veteran and volunteer Bob Wolf (92), WWII veteran and volunteer Leo Terrebonne (93), volunteer Libby Smith (95), and WWII veteran and volunteer Bowdre McDowell (93). 

Asked to share words of wisdom, McDowell, who served in the Pacific theater, said, "Work hard, be truthful, go to church. Be good to everyone you know—and understand people, we're not all alike. That way we'll have a better country, a better world."

Terrebonne, who served with the Army Corps of Engineers in  England and was a Higgins Industries boatbuilder in New Orleans, added: "Stay happy all your life. Don't get mad. Don't take things too seriously because there are a lot of things in life you can't control."

Happy birthday to all, and thanks for your service during World War II and here at the Museum!