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Tour Itinerary


Guests arrive in Brussels independently, then are greeted by the tour staff. The first stop of the tour will be the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History, which tells the story of the Belgian Army with a rich collection of artifacts. After a traditional Belgian lunch, the group will head to Bastogne, headquarters for the tour for the next 8 nights. After check-in at the 4-star Collin Hotel on the town square, a welcome dinner will begin the local commemorations.

Hotel Collin (L, D)

Battle of the Bulge Monument


Today the tour explores the “Northern Shoulder” of the Bulge, first at the little village of Lanzerath, Belgium, where a small American platoon struggled against the spearhead of the German assault, then continues to the “Twin Villages” of Rocherath and Krinkelt, scenes of epics battles. A quaint restaurant will be the site of lunch before the tour of Camp Elsenborn, a Belgian military base and the famous Elsenborn Ridge. It was at this Ridge that the Americans were able to blunt the German advance in the north. The group will return to Bastogne where guests will have time to explore the town and the “Nuts Festival” that is taking place over the anniversary and enjoy dinner at their leisure.

Hotel Collin (B, L)

Northern Shoulder


This day is dedicated to extensive exploration of the sites that contributed to Bastogne having its own place in military history lore. The day begins with a visit to the Mardasson Memorial, which gives a wonderful overview of the battlefields that surround the town, followed by a visit to the newly renovated and remodeled Bastogne War Museum. In the afternoon, the group will visit the "Nuts Cave Museum," which was the scene of General MacAulife’s famous reply to the German surrender ultimatum. The one word reply of “Nuts!” became a rallying cry for the defenders of Bastogne. At the end of the day guests will be able to partake in the festivities in Bastogne, including taking a walking tour with a veteran of the 101st Airborne Division, before sitting for a group dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Hotel Collin (B, D)



Standartenfuhrer Joachim Peiper, commander of the lead elements of the 1st SS Division, and his men were at the tip of the German counterattack in December 1944. Today the group will follow his path, learning about Peiper along the way, but also hearing the heroic stories of the American GIs whose actions blunted, and eventually halted the main German thrust in the North. Sites visited this day include Stavelot, Trois Ponts and La Gleize. In the evening, guests can enjoy the final day of the "Nuts Festival" and dinner on their own.

Hotel Collin (B, L)

La Gleize

Day 5: WILTZ / DAHL - "Forgotten Foxholes and Secluded Spots"

This whole day has been set aside for the historians and guides lead the group to lesser known locations and areas for the group to visit and explore, giving guests a unique opportunity to get off "the beaten path" that tours normally take their guests on.

Hotel Collin (B, L)


Day 6: LANZERATH / ELSENBORN / ST. VITH - 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the start of the great battle. The tour revisits the site of Lazerath early in the morning to participate in a ceremony commemorating the disruption of the German timetable, then back to Camp Elsenborn to tour the Truschbaum Museum and participate in the official ceremony at the Camp’s Bulge Monument. Following lunch at the Camp, the group heads to St. Vith, a small town that was leveled during the intense early fighting and was also the scene of a tremendous loss by American forces. In the evening the group returns to Bastogne to be a part of the Anniversary Celebrations.

Hotel Collin (B, L, D)

M3 105mm

Day 7: MALMEDY / WERETH - Atrocities, Infamous and Unknown

This day marks the solemn anniversary of two tragic crimes perpetrated by the Germans on the Americans. The story of the Malmedy Massacre is one of the best known stories of the war. After surrendering to the Germans a group of American POWs were herded into an open field when their captors opened fire. The tour will take guests to the scene of the crime, the nearby memorial for a brief ceremony and the Baugenz 44 Historical Center which discusses the Massacre and the broader story of the Battle of the Bulge. Also this day, the group will visit the scene of a lesser known tragedy. Though smaller in scale the execution of the 11 African American POWs at Wereth was just as criminal. A small ceremony will remember these men. After this somber day, guests return to Bastogne to spend the evening on their own.

Hotel Collin (B, L)

Siegfried Line

Day 8: DIEKIRCH / LUXEMBOURG CITY - The Southern Shoulder and Patton’s Relief

Today the group will visit the best collection of artifacts in all of the Ardennes region at the Luxembourg National Military History Museum in Diekirch. Our local guide, Roland Gaul, is the Founder and Director of the museum and will provide a detailed "behind the scenes" tour of the museum’s exhibitions and facilities. Guests will be taken to a pub to have lunch on their own and to sample the locally brewed "Diekirch" beer. After lunch the group will head to Luxembourg City to visit Fondation Pescatore, better known as "Patton’s Chapel" where he said his famous prayer for good weather to lead his forces to besieged Bastogne. After this unique visit, the group will visit the great General himself, at his final resting place in the Luxembourg American Cemetery. Patton is buried amongst 5,075 fallen comrades, and the group will pay respects to all those who sacrificed 70 years ago. Before departing Luxembourg, the group will enjoy a dinner on the city’s Place d’Arms.

Hotel Collin (B, L, D)

Luxembourg American Cemetery

Day 9: BRUSSELS - Christmas Market and Farewell

In the morning guests will depart Bastogne for the final time, stopping at the town of Houffalize. It was here where the Americans linked up, thus removing the "Bulge" that had developed over the course of the Battle of the Bulge. It is also home to one of the finest remaining German Panther tanks from the battle. Arriving in Brussels, guests will be able to explore the lovely Christmas Market, picking up final souvenirs, before enjoying each others’ company one last time during the farewell dinner.

Le Meridien Hotel (B, D)

Brussels Christmas Market


Group transfer to the airport for return flights home.



What Is Included In The Tour?

Tour Inclusions

  • Itinerary designed by The National WWII Museum
  • Full-Time Historian
  • Full-Time Museum Historian
  • Full-Time Local Guide
  • Full-Time Logistical Tour Manager
  • No less than 4-star accommodations in prime locations
  • Private first-class, air-conditioned motor coach transportation
  • Entrance fees to all sites, museums and historic attractions in itinerary
  • 9 Breakfasts / 7 Lunches / 5 Dinners
  • Non-Alcoholic beverages with all included meals
  • 2 glasses of wine or beer per person with dinners
  • 1 glass of wine or beer per person with lunches

What Isn't Included In The Tour?

Tour Exclusions

  • International airfare is not included
  • Incidentals and items of a personal nature such as meals-on-own, communications and laundry are not included
  • Personal expenses incurred at the hotel, while shopping or at any location on the tour are not included
  • Alcoholic beverages at group meals ordered in addition to those not listed under Inclusions (on the left)
  • Personal additional gratuities to tour guides, service workers, bus drivers or bellman is at your discretion, but not required

Tour Historians

Alex Kershaw

Alex Kershaw is the author of the widely acclaimed best sellers The Bedford Boys, The Longest Winter, The Few, and Escape from the Deep. He is also the author of biographies of Robert Capa, WWII’s greatest photographer, Jack London, and Raoul Wallenberg. His latest book, The Liberator: One WWII Soldier’s Odyssey from the Beaches of Sicily to the Gates of Dachau, was released in October 2012. Alex has been associated with The National World War II Museum for many years, having presented as a Mason Distinguished Lecturer and at our International Conferences on World War II. This will be Alex’s 5th tour with the Museum.

Roland Gaul

Roland has been a part of the Museum’s Travel Programs since 2005. He was born in Diekirch, Luxembourg where he still resides today. Roland is the founder, director and curator of Le Musée National D’Histoire Militaire (The National Museum of Military History) in Diekirch, which contains extraordinary artifacts and dioramas taken directly from the German and American sites of the Battle of the Bulge. He is the author of The Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg: December 1944-January 1945 (Schiffer, 1995), and heads the consortium of 13 military history museums of the Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg and Belgium. Roland’s knowledge of the Battle of the Bulge is intimate, personal and widely published.

Larry Decuers

After serving in the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division as an infantryman, Larry Decuers joined The National World War II Museum as a curator in 2008. Specializing in infantry weapons, uniforms and equipment of World War II, Larry brings this vast knowledge on our tours to Normandy and The Bulge. Since joining the Museum, he has curated exhibits on the Battle of Midway, the Eastern Front, and the Air War in Europe. Larry has led hundreds of tours through The National World War II Museum’s artifacts and armament collection - providing an in-depth perspective of what the soldiers carried and how it affected outcomes on the battlefield. This will be his 7th tour with the Travel Program.

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$4999 Per Person Double Occupancy

$1299 Single Room Supplement

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