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Kid in the Kitchen
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A Conversation About Food During WWII

Many of our strongest memories are centered on food: meals we have loved, meals we have hated, special gatherings or everyday routines with relatives and friends, triumphs and disasters in the kitchen. Now add to the mix the emotions, fears, excitement, and challenges of the Home Front and you’ve got some of the strongest memories of the WWII generation. The National WWII Museum invites you to share these stories with us.

Conduct your own oral history! Talk to your parents, grandparents, a relative or friend in your community who has food stories to share. We are seeking to gather a nation’s individual and collective memories of shopping, rationing, growing, cooking, serving, and eating during the war from those who experienced these things first hand.

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Questions to Ask

  • What do you remember about food rationing during the war?
  • Do you remember using substitutes for unavailable ingredients?
  • Did you or anyone you know shop on the “black market”?
  • Did you grow a Victory garden?
  • What about holiday meals?
  • What about working or eating in local restaurants?
  • What was your greatest food challenge during the war?
  • What was your favorite food during the war?
  • What was your least favorite?
  • Do you remember any unique recipes (triumphs or disasters) that came out of your Home Front kitchen?

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How to Submit Your Memory

Step One: Dig around. Start asking questions. Gather recipes and memories. Talk to those who remember World War II. Go beyond just the recipes and recall what life was like and what happened during those meals where the recipes were served up. Write down these stories and recipes.

Step Two: Spell check. Read it to make sure your stories make sense to those who don’t know your family. Try to keep your stories succinct so that we can post as many as possible online and in print.

Step Three: Make the recipe if possible. Adapt it for the 21st century, if necessary. Share your recipes with local senior centers, younger children, and anyone else who is interested and would like to hear about what it was like during the war.

Step Four: Find pictures, articles, and other WWII memorabilia. Send us a copy. Take a picture of your recreated World War II-era dish and the people you shared it with. Send us that too!

Step Five:Step Six: Check The National WWII Museum’s Kitchen Memories website to look for your recipes and stories and to see others. Share what you find with those of the World War II generation!

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Submission Form

You can send submit your documents by using the submission form below or by emailing them at kitchenmemories@nationalww2museum.org.

First Name
Last Name
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Phone Number
Recipe Title
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