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Activities for Kids and Families that Entertain and Educate

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The National WWII Museum offers a wide variety of family activities in New Orleans that inform, educate, and entertain. If you're looking for kids’ activities that you will enjoy as well, you can't beat what the Museum has to offer. Our facility is ranked #4 in the US and #11 in the world by TripAdvisor as a top museum, and we are also ranked #1 among family attractions in the city. Here are just a few of our offerings.


Family Overnight at The National WWII Museum

Join The National WWII Museum for an exclusive pajama party! The Museum offers families with children ages 7–12 the opportunity to enjoy the Museum after hours at our incredibly popular Family Overnight. This fun family event provides participants with intimate access to our exhibits which are brought to life through hands-on activities, scavenger hunts, games and even the opportunity to climb inside the Museum’s Sherman Tank.


Family Workshops

If you're looking for a sure-fire recipe for family fun, consider taking part in one of our workshops. These are held throughout the year to encourage children and their families to explore various aspects of the war. All of these workshops are structured and centered on a certain theme. Popular recent offerings included a STEM workshop for girls, where participants were taught all about the science of World War II to design their own inventions. Our Aviation and Airborne School provides exciting presentations on how aircraft and parachutes work.


Girl Scout, Boy Scout, and Cub Scout Days

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Cub Scouts all have their own days where they can enter the Museum at a reduced cost and have access to a variety of exciting activities. These activities are typically centered on what it was like to be a child on the Home Front during wartime.

Girl Scout Day
Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cub/Boy Scout Day
Saturday, February 27, 2016


Victory Garden

We provide family activities throughout the year in our onsite victory garden. Field trips and family programming provide learning opportunities for young and old alike. While the Museum garden is similar to the original victory gardens planted in the 1940s, it strengthens the bond between yesterday and today by featuring current sustainable growing techniques. Museum volunteers as well as The Master Gardeners of Louisiana work tirelessly to maintain the garden year round.


These are just a few of the exciting family activities in New Orleans offered by The National WWII Museum all year long.



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