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  • Special Exhibits
  • Special Exhibits
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The Joe W. and Dorothy D. Brown Foundation Special Exhibit Gallery features rotating exhibits that draw on the Museum’s own collections, as well as relevant traveling exhibits from leading institutions around the world.

Manufacturing Victory: The Arsenal of Democracy CURRENT EXHIBIT
Manufacturing Victory: The Arsenal of Democracy
November 7, 2014 – May 31, 2015
On view in the Joe W. and Dorothy D. Brown Foundation Special Exhibit Gallery

Ultimate victory in World War II was largely made possible by a mighty American production effort that transformed the economic and industrial assets of the United States’ military—an effort that created what President Franklin D. Roosevelt called the “Arsenal of Democracy.”

Manufacturing Victory examines how the unprecedented drive of great leaders and industry brought America out of the Great Depression and forged a united national effort on the Home Front that changed the tools of production, opened new doors of opportunity to America’s citizens, and turned the nation into a global superpower.

Visit the exhibit microsite to learn more.
Fighting for the Right to Fight: African American Experiences in World War II
With generous funding from The Coca-Cola Foundation
July 4, 2015 – May 29, 2016
On view in the Joe W. and Dorothy D. Brown Foundation Special Exhibit Gallery

For most African Americans living in the South, segregation and discrimination were part of daily life. Many military leaders believed that African Americans were unfit to serve. Nevertheless, thousands of African Americans rushed to enlist when the United States entered World War II. Reasons to enlist or support war production were many and varied, including the desire to serve one's country and protect democracy, but many African Americans were also driven by the perceived opportunity to improve their social standing through contributing to the war effort. Fighting for the Right to Fight will explore how these hopes of equality inspired many to enlist, and how those hopes were disappointed when black service members were given segregated non-combat roles.

Major features of the exhibit include an original eight-minute video, narrated by Robin Roberts, telling the story of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen. The exhibit will also highlight the seven African Americans who were awarded the Medal of Honor in 1997, following an investigation by the US military on discriminatory policies in the awarding of combat medals. The exhibit will conclude with an examination of the results and social changes brought about by the events of World War II, and connect African Americans' efforts during the war to the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement.

Exhibit microsite coming soon!
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April 18, 2015
Living History Corps
11:00 am – 3:00 pm

April 19, 2015
"On the Air: A Live Radio Broadcast Musical"
11:00 am Brunch Seating, 1:00 pm Show Only Ticket
BB's Stage Door Canteen

April 22, 2015
Dinner with a Curator
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

April 22, 2015
"America's Wartime Sweethearts: A Tribute to The Andrews Sisters"
11:45 am Brunch Seating
BB's Stage Door Canteen

April 22, 2015
White Glove Wednesdays
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Louisiana Memorial Pavilion

April 22, 2015
Lagniappe Lecture: "Meet the Veteran: WWII Submariner 'Dutch' Prager"
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
H. Mortimer Favrot Orientation Center

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