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Create Your Own WWII Jeopardy Game

Teachers, let your students use this PowerPoint template to create their own interactive WWII Jeopardy game. This assignment is a fun and simple way to integrate research, technology, writing and presentation skills (and standards) into your WWII curriculum. Students can work individually or in pairs to complete this assignment. The length of the lesson is up to you, depending on how much research you want your students to carry out.

Students will research events from WWII and create an interactive Jeopardy game using PowerPoint.

Grade Level: 7-12

Content Era 8 (1929-1945) Standard 3: —the causes and course of WWII
Historical Thinking Standard 4: —the student conducts historical research
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL (speaking and listening): —student presents ideas, findings and supporting evidence (conveying a clear and distinct perspective), makes strategic use of digital media and adapts speech to a variety of contexts and tasks demonstrating a command of formal English
Technology Standard 2: —student knows the characteristics and uses of computer software programs

Time Requirement: Two class days (creating and presenting/playing) and time outside for research.

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Directions for Teachers:

1. Before beginning the lesson decide if students will work individually or in pairs. Decide also how much research students will need to carry out (or how much material will be provided to them).

2. Once students are working in pairs (or individually) have them open and download the Jeopardy Template and review the game and its instructions.

3. Students will follow instructions and create their Jeopardy Game. After games are completed, students should have the opportunity to play each other’s games and present them to the class.

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Assessment includes thoroughness of research, accuracy of game content, appearance of PowerPoint and, if included in assignment, success of game play.

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Students can create additional Jeopardy Games, create a class wide Jeopardy Game Tournament or modify the template and create their own kind of PowerPoint game.

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Instructions for Creating a WWII Jeopardy Game:

Please note these instructions are also included in the downloadable template

1. You will need to open and download the game template in order to create your game. Take some time to read through the instructions and look at the game before you begin creating your own from the template.

2. Choose the topic for your WWII Jeopardy Game (examples: Home Front, D-Day, Women in the War).

3. Give your quiz a title on slide 3.

4. Research your topic using classroom resources, your library, the Internet or other local resources like a museum or a WWII Veteran you know.

5. Break your topic into four categories for the quiz questions. For example, if your topic is the Home Front, your question categories could be rationing, scrapping, war production and entertainment.

6. Compose five questions for each subject (each question should only have one correct answer-which you know). You may style your game after the real Jeopardy, providing answers and require questions or you may give questions and provide answers.

7. On slide 4, type your categories in the boxes along the top. You can change the font size and style if you would like. Type in each question/answer set on slides 5-24. Make sure each question/answer set is on the correct slide. They go across the first row 1, 2, 3, 4, and then the second row, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

8. Customize your game by adding images to each question box, or color your slides by clicking each slide and adding the fill and line colors you choose.

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Materials to Download:

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