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Thomas Wiaduck, Holly Academy, Holly MI

Working Together for Victory

The human way of life changes constantly. Our modern ways of life are extremely different than 50 years ago. Our technology, literature, economics, even food and culture all change! Throughout all of these differences, many things haven’t changed. Starting in 1939 a war with a huge impact struck. Fighting through many years of battle, the United States finally pulled through in 1945 with the allies. These countries worked together above the disagreements. How can we work around disagreements for victory?

Above all of the arguments, fights, and differences in opinion, people worked together for the benefit of their families, countries, and lives. Finally, after nearly six years of war, the allies broke the axis and won the war. Some of these countries were not “friends”, but working together brought them justice and victory. Even in present day life people have to work with “enemies”. With approximately 418,500 deaths from the U.S. alone, it is clear that millions of lives were lost. The broken families and friends of these soldiers were to live the rest of their lives through pain and suffer from their losses. However, these people knew that they died with people all for a good cause.

How can we work with those who we disagree with today? One solution is to think about what is to be, instead of what is. It may be difficult and hard along the road, but the successful ending can be worth it. You need to work with your problems first so not only you, but others also can benefit after! Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for countless years to end segregation. Some whites worked with him for the good of the people. Whites and blacks during this time weren’t the best of friends, and it is doubtless that many fights came upon these people. In the end, King received a Nobel Peace Prize when he was only 35 years old, and soon after helped end segregation in the states.

Sometimes you must work on a school assignment with a student with whom you aren’t too fond. The creation of the project can be difficult, but the final grade may wrap everything up peacefully and joyfully! Tasks like these can be hard, and for many a gigantic adjustment. It may seem impossible at first, but lucky for us we have so many events in history that show us it isn’t impossible. If situations ever come to a painstakingly-hard area, you can think back to history and how they could do it without modern day studies and advantages. If they could do it, so can you!

Our world’s history is one of the greatest sources to success we have today. The people who shaped it for us deserve a plethora of thanks. If you can remember to look into the future and fight through the present, you are on your way to success! From 1939 to 2013 people worked and are working together for victory. Can you do it?


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