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Jesse Forgione, Homeschool, Ocean Springs, MS

Compromising is the Key

People have to work together to get almost anything done. You can eat a snack or brush your dog without help, but even fun activities like playing a game require you to work with others. Through history people have had to find ways to come to agreement. This was especially true in World War II, and we still find examples in our government, cities, and even homes.

In World War II, there were several ways that people with different ideas had to work together. Although there was still segregation in the United States, blacks served bravely in the army along with whites to defend our country. Women took over men's jobs while the men fought in the army, even though they had been considered inferior. Our country also had to work with the Soviet Union, even though they had different motives for fighting in the war. We worked together with people we disagreed with in the war.

Not all of us agree in the nation, either. Different political parties have to compromise. Congress has to work together; otherwise no one could pass any laws. At least half of Congress needs to vote the same on a law for it to be passed. Republicans and Democrats disagree on how the nation should be run, but does it have to become a big fight? No, even the people who serve our nation in Congress have to compromise.

In our city, Ocean Springs, and our house, not everyone agrees. Not everyone wants the same person to be mayor, so we vote to make it fair. My brother Mickey and I fight all the time and we have to compromise. When we have to take out the trash and recycling, sometimes we both want to do the same one. So we take turns. Our family sometimes doesn't agree with each other, but it doesn't turn into a screaming match. Each week we sit down and calmly talk about problems as a family. People still have to work together in their communities and houses.

We all know we have to work together. Whether it's a simple debate over who takes out the trash, or deciding if we should pass a law in congress, we all need to compromise. There are many times when we must split the difference, even when we don't agree. The key is to compromise, so we can prevent arguments, fights, and maybe even wars.


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