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Josee Matela, Resurrection Catholic School, Cherry Hill, NJ

What WWII invention or innovation has had the biggest impact on YOUR life?

In the modern day, it is easy to forget how our gadgets became what they are today. The invention of the electrical and digital computer has greatly impacted my everyday life. I use my cellphone, television, MP3 player, and laptop every day and truthfully, it would be hard to live without them. I use my laptop for varying reasons, from looking up an answer, to writing a paper. I literally have the world at my fingertips.

I know I take the modern advances of technology for granted. I can simply turn on a computer and seas of knowledge appear before my eyes for my use. For example, I use my computer a lot for my schoolwork. On the internet, I am able to check my grades, open my math textbook, research topics for reports, and much more. Additionally, instead of handwriting papers I can simply type my paper in a word program and print it out on my printer. My laptop is an invaluable resource for my education.

I also am able to use my laptop for recreational activities. Websites on the internet enable me to receive messages from my friends and family, stream funny videos, and even shop for merchandise with a click of a button. Other programs allow me to read books and even draw. I’m also aware of current events from the news reports and headlines online. I can also share pictures, thoughts, and interact with friends through social media such as Face book. Although some programs are on the complicated side, it has made my life a great deal easier.

Many other gadgets I use have been created from the advancement of the computer; such as cellphones, MP3 players, x-rays, and television. With these contraptions I am able to do things that were impossible back in the WWII period. I am able to call others, send texts, and so much more on the small thing called my cellphone. I can sit in front of my T.V. and watch shows and movies on demand. With my MP3 player I am able to listen to hundreds of songs from a tiny rectangular shape machine. With regards to the medical field, the advancements of computer science enabled the diagnosis of my asthma when I was a baby and discovery of my mild scoliosis. The x-ray machines used to display the evidence of these complications are descendants of that first electric and digital computer. These creations have integrated my life in to the world of modern technology.

Overall, I feel my life has been greatly impacted by the first electrical and digital computer and its successors. My life has become easier because of the ability to do so much by clicking a mouse. The new innovations are all mind-boggling. I feel fortunate that I am able to use these marvels in my daily life.


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