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They say that in order to create lasting memories, you must first pave the way.

Every day at The National WWII Museum, we work hard to tell the stories of our WWII heroes, their struggles, and their sacrifice. It is crucial that the Museum find ways to create a gateway between the actual events that shaped World War II, and preserving those stories in the hearts and minds of future generations.

With a brick at The National WWII Museum, you have a unique opportunity to create a lasting tribute to loved ones who served their country. Three lines of personalized text allow you to list your name, the name of a WWII veteran or civilian, a military unit, squadron, ship, or branch of the armed forces—the choice is yours. These fathers and grandfathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors overcame a once-in-a-generation challenge and they deserve a memorial that will last for generations to come.

Note: The brick program at The National WWII Museum celebrates the American spirit as well as the shared appreciation for the Allied effort during World War II. The Museum reserves the right to refuse to engrave any messages or material it deems inappropriate, such as personal contact information, political statements, suggestive wording, and messages that might be considered offensive to those who served and sacrificed during the WWII era.

Road to Victory Brick

For only $250, you can honor your hero with a classic red brick to be installed on our New Orleans campus.

Plus for an additional $75, you can add a special edition 44-page hardcover commemorative book personalized with a digitally reproduced image of your brick.

The elegant, commemorative book immortalizes the story of America’s role in World War II through powerful and awe-inspiring images from the Museum’s archive. By itself, the commemorative book makes a terrific gift, but personalized with your brick, it becomes a lovely tribute to your loved one and a cherished keepsake you’ll pass down for generations.