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The community has been given the special opportunity to play a role in Solomon Victory Theater’s unique cinematic experience by naming seats in honor or in memory of a family member, personal friend, or organization. The National World War II Museum would like to thank the following donors for purchasing a theater seat thus far. An engraved plaque has been designed and permanently affixed to the arm of the purchased seat to recognize the contribution. Their support helps preserve the stories of World War II for future generations.

If you are interested in purchasing a theater seat please contact Lauren Bevis at 504-528-1944 x 316 or lauren.bevis@nationalww2museum.org.

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Ron and Karen Adams
In honor of
Larry and Alice Melton
Ron and Karen Adams

Richard C. Adkerson Family

Mrs. Stephen E. Ambrose
In honor of
Steve Ambrose
Moira Ambrose

The American
Beagle Squadron

2nd P-51 Fighter Sq.
52 Fighter Group

Robert Cooley Bannon

James Barksdale
In honor of
R. Barksdale-West Point ‘66

Michael D. and Jean C. Beckman
Fritz L. Beckman
Thomas A. Wilson

Mr. Edward B. Benjamin, Jr.
In honor of
William Bell Wisdom
Edward B. Benjamin, Jr.

Bob and Dee Boozer

Susan Gore Brennan
In memory of
Dr. Benjamin Cromwell Gore
Kathryn Briede Gore

Zelda and Richard Carner
In honor of
93rd Troop Carrier Squadron

Don K. Clover 507PIR

James A. Courter
In honor of
Carmen Courter

Cudd Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Dano A. Davis
In honor of
Charles Douglas Gholson Jr.

Dan DeVito
In honor of
Joe DeVito

John A. Drews
In honor of
Frank Kelly KIA 1945

Robert Edsel
In honor of
A. Ray Edsel
Norma L. Edsel
Marilyn F. Wright
Ron B. Wright

Mr. H. Mortimer Favrot, Jr.
In honor of
Kay and Tim Favrot
Kelsey Bradley Favrot

Mr. James J. Frischhertz/Frischhertz Electric Company
In honor of
B.C. Frischhertz, Sr.

Mr. Howard C. Gaines
In memory of
Maj. G. Clark Gaines

Judith Galvach
In honor of
Eugene B. Grossnickle

Lawrence D. and Marla Garvey

Hare Family Foundation
In memory of
Henry Harold Hare

Mr. Keith Hawkins
In honor of
Charles Doran Fretz

Agnes Hayden
In memory of
Donald C. Hayden

Morgan S. Hofer
Paul B. Hofer, Jr.
Phillip F. Hofer

Marvin L. Jacobs
In honor of
Dotty and Buddy Jacobs

Jerlyn Foundation
In memory of
Niels F. Johnsen
Anita W. Johnsen

Gayle Higgins Jones

Edith Key
In honor of
Edith M. Rubright

Mr. Demo Kouzounis

Carl LaGrotteria
In memory of
Vincenzo LaGrotteria

Mr. John Leseth
In memory of
Trygue A. Leseth

Kevin Lilly
In honor of
Lt. Trevor Rees-Jones, USN

Deborah G. Lindsay
In memory of
Harry John Grosser, USAA
William F. Grosser, USAF
Robert S. Lindsay, USN

Lupin Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Neil Maki

Mr. Benigno A. Martinez, Jr.
In honor of
S/Sgt Peter Beninato
John William Waters
William Wegmann
José D. Martinez
John L. Martinez
Ben A. Martinez, Jr.
Urban "UB" Martinez
Frank H. Roark, Jr.

Col. and Mrs. David F. Matthews
In memory of
Col C. Fort Matthews

Mark A. Mayer
Peter A. Mayer Advertising

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C.P. McIlhenny
In memory of
Armond K. Goodwin
Paul W. McIlhenny

Candy McKey
In hono of
Dr. John D. McKey, Sr. USN

The James R. Moffett Family Foundation

Arthur J. Moore 29th Inf.

Lorise N. Naquin
In memory of
Irvin and Angel Templet
In honor of
Lorise and Lucy Naquin

Vickie and Ron Norick
In honor of
James H. Norick US Navy

The Peevy Family
In memory of
Virgil Edwin Peevy

George A. Pontikes, Jr.
In honor of
Gen. Michael Cokinos

Madison/Querbes Family
In memory of
Capt. C.W. Robinson, Jr.

B.E. Quinn III
In honor of
Joseph N. Tolle

Mr. Bruno Rinas

“The Roomies”
In honor of
Suzy and John Graham

Rotary Club of Metairie

Bill and Trudy Rutledge

Mr. Edward Schulz
In memory of
Bunnie Schulz Bullard, TX

The Wilson Sexton Foundation
In memory of
John T. Sexton WWI

DeeDee and Eliot Simon
In memory of
Norman Simon
Donald J. Wingbermuehle

Pamela and Charles R. Smith
In honor of
Charles R. Smith

Mr. Daniel Smith
In memory of
Commander Walter F. Smith, US Navy

Doris Carwie Solomon
Theodore G. Solomon, Sr.

Frank and Paulette Stewart

Paul Tagliabue
In honor of
Italo Rancan

Patrick F. Taylor Foundation
In honor of
Buddy Jacobs

Dorothy E. (Betty) Thomas
In memory of
William Fred Thomas

Mr. Marvin D. Toombs
In memory of
Jean and Marvin Toombs, VA
Carolyn and Jerry Hatfield

David R. Voelker
In honor of
Virginia W. Voelker

Mrs. Donald L. White
In honor of
Donald Lyon White



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