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Letter from the Institute Director

Institute for the Study of War and Democracy

The Institute for the Study of War and Democracy serves as the research core and the higher education center of The National WWII Museum. Our team consists of experienced professional historians who share a passion for World War II. Through rich public programming, various publications, and extensive research, the Institute offers to both public and scholarly audiences a variety of top-quality resources that focus on the history of World War II, its legacies and lessons, and how it is remembered around the world.

The Institute works closely with partner agencies to keep the memory of World War II and its citizen soldiers in the public consciousness. Our partnership with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) helps identify and repatriate our fallen heroes to their final resting place through the cooperative efforts of the Institute and DPAA staff.

The core of the Institute’s mission is to provide access to new, unique, and important knowledge about World War II. We’ve recently published a self-guided research manual, which provides detailed and practical information for the public on how to locate and retrieve veterans’ records from federal archives.  Additionally, groups visiting the city can book a lecture presentation from one of our experts to enhance their visit to the Museum. Please contact us at for more details.

Additionally, the Institute’s team is developing a bibliography of thousands of important published works and resources on World War II, intended for all levels of scholars and students of the war. If you are looking to start your latest research project, or just to increase your knowledge, please continue to check our website for updates. We welcome recommendations on publications that should be added to our list.

Alongside the General Raymond E. Mason Jr. Distinguished Lecture Series on World War II, The George P. Shultz Forum on World Affairs, and our long-standing Meet the Author series, we host an annual debate with internationally recognized experts to address major topics on World War II and the world it made. These events, as well as our annual International Conference on World War II and various thematic symposia, bring together the best scholars and public historians of World War II and its legacies. Please join us in person or online for these important events.

Drawing on key examples from both WWII leaders and ordinary citizens during the war, the Institute also offers briefings and seminars in leadership applicable to today’s modern business world. Please contact us at for more information.

We invite you to explore our staff biographies and list of Institute member publications to learn more about who we are. Thank you for your visit, and please check back soon to see the latest from The Institute for the Study of War and Democracy.


Martin Loicano, PhD

Executive Director

Martin Loicano, PhD

Martin Loicano, PhD, joined the Museum in 2017 and was previously the Chief Historian for the Office of the Supreme Commander, leading NATO historical programming.