LCVP Louisiana Memorial Pavilion

Louisiana Memorial Pavilion Atrium

The Museum's Main Entrance

Visitors enter the original Louisiana Memorial Pavilion, which features essential tools of the war effort, including the LCVP or “Higgins boat,” the famed D-Day landing craft showcased in the film Saving Private Ryan. More than 20,000 boats were designed and built by Higgins Industries in New Orleans and used in all major amphibious landings of the war. In an interview with Museum founder Stephen Ambrose, Dwight Eisenhower credited these boats with playing a central role in Allied victory. The Museum was established in New Orleans because of Ambrose and this historic connection. Other iconic artifacts exhibited by the Museum include Sherman and Stuart tanks, jeeps, a halftrack and a restored C-47 aircraft that dropped paratroopers over the fields of Normandy and saw action in the Battle of the Bulge.