Victory Club Ticket Packages

Maximize the Museum Experience

The National WWII Museum is proud to present our newest offering: Victory Club Ticket Packages! See details below and save on everything the Museum has to offer with these deals.

*Packages are not valid for New Year’s Eve shows.
*All matinees, lunches, dinners, and show at BB’s Stage Door Canteen.

Ticket Package

Platinum Package

(Valued at $1,820)

20 Dinner/Brunch & Show Tickets

10 Lunch & Matinee Tickets

10 Parking Vouchers

Ticket Package

Gold Package

(Valued at $1,376)

16 Dinner/Brunch & Show Tickets

6 Lunch & Matinee Tickets

8 Parking Vouchers

Ticket Package

Silver Package

(Valued at $852)

8 Dinner/Brunch & Show Tickets

4 Lunch & Matinee Tickets

6 Parking Vouchers

Ticket Package

Bronze Package

(Valued at $568)

8 Dinner & Show Tickets or
Brunch & Show Tickets

4 Parking Vouchers