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Below is a list of blogs which are associated with museum programs, conferences and exhibitions. Please feel free to view each blog listing and enter your own comments about each topic of discussion. Blogs are another way that The National World War II Museum hopes to involve you in a unique World War II Community. 

Knit Your Bit

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What to do?!?
Over the course of Knit Your Bit, I’ve run into tons of people with great ideas.  Designing the first scarf wasn’t too hard.  Three stripes.  Knit stitch only.  I was just learning how to knit so that was cool with me.  The second scarf we liked the V for Victory and I had to knit and purl in the same row and follow a pattern!  Slightly tougher, but still good enough for a novice knitter.  I’d like to keep the pattern for year three something that even a brand new knitter can do, because I enjoy the stories from people saying it’s their first scarf just like those saying they knit all the time and for years and years, which I hope to be able to say someday.  BUT, I’m hitting a mental block.  What pattern is a) easy enough that no on is intimidated by it and b) stays to our Knit Your Bit for today’s vets but calls back to WWII.

Please, send me your suggestions, creative crafters out there.  I have to start thinking about a pattern to launch for the fall!!!

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Victory Theater: Hollywood And World War II 

Rita Hayworth. Bette Davis. Jimmy Stewart. Clark Gable. Marlene Dietrich. These classic movie stars found themselves cast in new roles after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. WWII affected all Americans, including stars. They enlisted, entertained or danced with soldiers at the Stage Door Canteen. Today, the War continues to capture our imaginations with stars like Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt in wartime roles. Watch, discuss and read about the Dream Factory at war.

Click here to visit Victory Theater: Hollywood And World War II


WWII Memories 

WWII veterans are dying at the rate of 900 a day. For families and friends interested in commemorating and preserving a loved one's service in World War II: a host of links, ideas and suggestions on creating online memorials to their member of the Greatest Generation.

Click here to visit WWII Memories


"Of Course I Can!" Savings Tips from WWII 

Today's economy may be tough, but America has survived tougher - the Second World War, for example. Presenting tips, recipes and clips from WWII and the Home Front still useful for today's budget-minded. Watch. Read. Learn. And save!

Click here to visit "Of Course I Can!" Savings Tips from WWII


Might and Armor: The Weaponry of World War II 

The world's widest-ranging war produced a vast array of new weapons and machines that were deployed from the jungles of Bataan to the Alaskan islands to the African desert. Here is a collection clips and images of the Second World War's might and armor. We invite your comments.

Click here to visit Might and Armor: The Weaponry of World War II



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