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Things To Do In New Orleans, LA - The National WWII Museum

Things to Do in New Orleans at
The National WWII Museum

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You will never run out of things to do in New Orleans when you visit The National WWII Museum, which has been designated by Congress as the country’s official museum of World War II. Founded by noted author and historian Stephen Ambrose, The National WWII Museum in New Orleans transports visitors back in time, engaging them in a multi-sensory experience unlike any other.

Rated the #1 attraction in New Orleans by TripAdvisor, The National WWII Museum offers activities for the whole family. The Museum is home to a wide variety of interactive exhibits that cover the epic and global scale of the war that changed the world.

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Children with battleships


Exhibits at The National WWII Museum span through several buildings, each centered on major themes of the war. They let you experience the war through the eyes of leaders, soldiers, and everyday men who lived it. The exhibits house collections of artifacts unavailable to the general public, providing a “behind the lines” tour of World War II. The exhibits offer a completely immersive experience by outlining every section of the war. Visitors will be guided through the German Front, the Italian Campaign, the Pacific Front, and the African Front. There are also specific exhibits for monumental battles during the war such as D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. In the John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion, visitors can watch specialists repair and restore amazing WWII artifacts, vehicles, and aircrafts. Full of interactives, oral histories, and personal vignettes, general admission to the Museum’s exhibits details how the war played out around the world and the techniques and equipment that were used in battle.

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Engage the Senses

Airplanes In 4d

Beyond All Boundaries

This stunning four-dimensional epic is an experience unlike anything of its kind that ignites all of the senses and plunges audiences into the trenches. Tom Hanks, who also served as executive producer, narrates the film. The presentation features first-person accounts of the tragedies and triumphs of the war spoken by Brad Pitt, Gary Sinise, Tobey Maguire, and several other luminaries.

The inside of a submarine

Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience

Board World War II’s most successful submarine for its final voyage. Every visitor takes on the responsibility of a specific Tang crewmember to relive the last unforgettable, harrowing battle of the enduringly successful USS Tang in this interactive experience that is engaging for the entire family.

Inside of a hanger

Campaigns of Courage: European and Pacific Theaters

This multimedia experience takes viewers through Road to Berlin: European Theater Galleries and Richard C. Adkerson and Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Road to Tokyo: Pacific Theater Galleries. It gives an in-depth look at how World War II was fought.

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Image of a stage

BB's Stage Door Canteen

Live performances showcase the spirit of entertainment during WWII. The Museum honors an incomparable era where the highest profile entertainers of the day pitched to serve the troops in their inimitable fashion. BB's Stage Door Canteen is an exciting combination of entertainment and dining, featuring weekly shows that showcase the styles, stars, songs, and spirit of this incredible time.


Soda Shop

Indulge in classic, tasty milkshakes and treats! If you’re in the mood for a snack during your time at the Museum, take a trip down memory lane and visit the Soda Shop. You will find a fizzy soda fountain, a charming ice cream shop, and artisanal sandwiches all in a welcoming and nostalgic atmosphere.

The American Sector

The American Sector Restaurant + Bar

Still wondering what to do in New Orleans? After you visit the Museum, stop by The American Sector Restaurant + Bar to enjoy some traditional American fare. It’s perfect for snacks, lunch, dinner, or drinks. The lunch and dinner menus are filled with affordable, tempting dishes, an array of delicious appetizers, and an unbeatable happy hour experience. Even your pickiest eater will find something on the menu.

All venues are closed Mardi Gras Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

The Museum is fully accessible to all visitors. A limited number of wheelchairs are provided for use in the Museum at no charge.

The National WWII Museum is one of the most popular and educational things to do in New Orleans as well as one of the most popular French Quarter attractions. TripAdvisor ranked The National WWII Museum #3 among top US museums for our unique artifacts and presentation of true life stories from the war. Purchase your tickets online or at the door to begin planning your visit to The National WWII Museum!


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