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11. On the Air Brunch Menu

(File; Mon Apr 06 09:34:00 CDT 2015)

ON THE AIRBrunch Menu1st CourseWedge SaladBaby Iceberg Lettuce, Smoked Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes, Blue Cheese DressingorPotato and Spring Onion Soup2nd CourseClassic Eggs BenedictEnglish Muffin, Poached Eggs, Ham, and HollandaiseorApple Pie...

12. bottom_september24_1939.swf

(File; Fri Jul 25 13:12:00 CDT 2008)

13. bottom_march_1939.swf

(File; Fri Jul 25 13:12:00 CDT 2008)

14. bottom_apr28_1944.swf

(File; Fri Jul 25 13:12:00 CDT 2008)

15. 1944_may.swf

(File; Fri Jul 25 13:12:00 CDT 2008)

16. 1943_july.swf

(File; Fri Jul 25 13:12:00 CDT 2008)

17. 1930_september.swf

(File; Fri Jul 25 13:12:00 CDT 2008)

18. lesson plan4

(File; Mon Jun 09 10:51:00 CDT 2008)

The ABCs of World War II An Artistic Vocabulary Lesson A Lesson Plan from The Department of Education of The National D-Day Museum “America’s World War II Museum” The National D-Day Museum 945 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 7...

19. Home Front Fact Sheet

(File; Thu Jun 05 09:35:00 CDT 2008)

The Home Front during WWII “The principal battleground of the war is not the South Pacific. It is not the Middle East. It is not England, or Norway, or the Russian Steppes. It is American opinion.” Archibald MacLeish, Director of the...

Description: Home Front Fact Sheet

20. scarf pattern 3 knit

(File; Fri Jun 25 11:48:00 CDT 2010)

Knit Your BitLengthwise Striped Scarf PatternMaterials: Size 9 circular needles (32” ).One No. 10 needle for casting on and binding off.4 complimentary colors of yarn, worsted weight.Suggested Color Chart: Color (A) = blue or olive green...


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