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This is your first step to becoming a regular member of our World War II Community.

Establishing a personal page is easy. It allows you to share information about yourself, create personalized albums about your veteran, share his or her story and show how it has influenced your life and create a support network for the Museum.

You can also post links to your favorite sites or pages on the Museum’s site.

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There are two types of personal pages on this site:

My World War II Page can be created by friends and loved ones of World War II veterans who want others to know their story. Creating your page in this section allows you to make sure every visitor to your page knows exactly how your veteran helped win the war. These pages are also used for sharing information about a visit to the Museum and other World War II related news and events.

Pages set up in Mobilize Your Troops are a great way to demonstrate a higher level of commitment for the preservation of World War II history. In addition to adding your personal story and the story of your WWII veteran, you can establish an individual fundraising effort that encourages others to join the Museum’s efforts.


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