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My Page FAQs

How do I create a page on The National WWII Museum website?
To create your page, you must first create an account.  To do so, click here (link to sign up page) or the “Sign up” button above and complete the online form.  Once you receive confirmation of your registration with a link to the Champion Center.

How do I access my personal space?
You can access your page from the Museum’s homepage through the Giving, Join, WWII Community .  Select Create a personal page.

To sign in, you will need your user name and password.  If you have forgotten either, we can email a reminder to the email address you provided at sign-up.

How can I use my personal space?
 Create photo albums
 Post a tribute to your veteran
 Invite friends to visit your page and add comments
 Add links to your favorite WWII blogs, videos and websites
 Encourage friends and family to support the Museum by starting a personal fundraising campaign for The National WWII Museum

During your trip through the site, you can select any items that interest you to create personalized “favorites” that you can later view on your page. Your favorites can be:
 Photos and articles from the site that link directly to your veteran’s story
 Post photos of your favorite artifacts featured on the site
 Include links to your favorites WWII blogs
 V-Mail (link to newsletter) articles from the Museum’s newsletter archive

Managing my personal information
If you wish, you can change or add to the personal information related to your account in the “About Me” section. You can personalize your password by clicking on Change your password, modify your e-mail address by selecting “Change e-mail address,” and update all your other information directly in the online form.

If you do not access your page for a period of one year, it will be deleted. You will be notified by e-mail one month before deletion.  If the page is still not modified after receiving this e-mail, it will be permanently deleted.

Asking for a new password
If you forget or lose your password, you can request another by clicking on “Forgot My Password” (link to sign up page) link to in the sign in window. You will be asked to verify that you have are the account holder using a security question.



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