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The Victory Gardens of WWII

Visit the Classroom Victory Garden Project website to learn about food production during WWII, find lesson plans and activities for elementary students, get tips for starting your own garden and try out simple Victory Garden recipes!

The Science and Technology of WWII

Visit our new interactive website to learn about wartime technical and scientific advances that forever changed our world.

Operation Footlocker

Turn your students into history detectives as they ponder over the origins and uses of these intriguing pieces of WWII history.

Student Introduction

How do I introduce this project to my students?

Begin by talking about the Home Front. At home, men and women were asked to put the war first. Food, clothing, and gasoline were rationed.  Kids organized metal drives, and often went door to door collecting what they could find to make as their contribution to the war.  History has documented the battles fought at home and abroad, but on the smaller scale, history has not captured what went on in every town across the country. 


You also want to introduce the technology that will be used during the project – you will to assess their prior knowledge. Survey the class to determine prior knowledge of research and web page experience.  Have students write down answers on a separate sheet of paper to the following questions:

·         How often are you on the computer, either for school work or pleasure?

·         Have you ever created a web page?

·         Do you have any experience working with Microsoft’s Front Page?

·         How do you use the Internet for research?


When you go through the students answers, you can place students in groups according to a mixture of prior experience.  Hopefully this way, each group will have strong leaders in both web design and research.


How much time is needed to complete this project?


You should plan on at least 8 50-minute class periods. Set a day aside for a web design tutorial. Review the four different templates and web page design manual for guidance. Also speak with the technology teacher and any others who have experience with web design.


What materials should I give to my students?

Copy and distribute student handout.  Review project description and task deadlines with your students. Your class will be creating one web page. However, as a group, students will select a topic, and conduct research on it, to ascertain what happened on it throughout the war years.

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